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The Lubetkin Media Companies

At the Lubetkin Media Companies, we tell our clients' stories in sound and images.

Our Professional Podcasts division produces award-winning, broadcast-quality audio and video program content for the Web.

Steve Lubetkin Photography produces dramatic and artistic corporate, event, documentary and lifestyle photography.

Our Elevator Pitch Videos unit creates economical entry-level videos for organizations and individuals for use as video résumés or for inclusion on their websites.

State Broadcast News is an audio, video, and photojournalism news service that produces our own original news coverage content for other news organizations and for our own branding.

We are members of the Professional Photographers of America, the American Society of Media Photographers, the National Press Photographers Association, the Society of Professional Journalists, the Online News Association, the Radio and Television Digital News Association, and the Guild of Professional Photographers of the Delaware Valley.

Steve is a Certified Legal Video Specialist (CLVS) based on examination by the National Court Reporters Association and has been commissioned as a Notary Public for the State of New Jersey.

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Oct 23, 2012

Lubetkin Global Communications LLC is pleased to present the Fourth Quarter 2012 Rutgers School of Business-Camden Quarterly Business Outlook. This program was recorded on October 23, 2012 at the Rutgers-Camden Student Center.

The panelists in this program are:

 - Economy -

Steve Lubetkin Photography: Rutgers Quarterly Business Outlook &emdash; RutgersQBO20120717-005

Luke Tilley

Oct 19, 2012

Mark Lijek
Mark Lijek, author of "The Houseguests," a book about his experience hiding with the Canadians in Iran. Mark's escape with his wife Cora and four colleagues from the US Embassy is dramatized in the current Ben Affleck movie, "Argo."

In November 1979, Iranian revolutionaries stormed and captured the US Embassy in...